How to Create Attraction With Women (The Exact Formula Revealed)

Women are impossible to understand. Heck, I still don’t know why they do what they do. But this does not mean that we cannot understand them. Learning how to create attraction with women is relatively very easy.

I will reveal the exact formula for attraction, so you will be able to instantly and easily apply it.

Okay, here it is:

Attraction = High Value + Wide Range of Emotions

Now I will explain what the formula means.

High Value:

A high value means that you are a man of high demand. In other words, you are telling her that she is an essential thing in the world to you at this point in time.

But how does she know that if she does not instantly become attracted to you?

That is easy!

Because it is her job to ask questions such as “What is your name?” “Where are you from?” and “Do you have a boyfriend?”

These open up her emotional shield, and if she does not feel comfortable answering those, she will not feel attracted.

But if you ignore those questions and instead focus on her positive emotions and traits, such as confidence, she will feel that she is being socially validated by being around you.

She will have a high-value feeling when she is with you because you are not trying to impress her (and by ignoring those “attraction building” questions, you let her do all the work for you).

Wide Range of Emotions:

It is essential because you do not want to be stuck in a feeling of judgment anytime you try to create attraction.

  • A widespread mistake is to get stuck in this sense of “I don’t know what to say to her”.
  • “What should I say?”
  • “Should I bring up the fact that she just made a big getaway with her ex-boyfriend?”
  • “Should I mention that she loves art?”
  • “Should I mention that she drinks aeroplane wings when she is going soft?”
  • “Do I need to mention the fact that she is the oldest at the wedding?”
  • “I need to find out if she thinks getting married will make me happy.”

It is a mistake that so many guys make over and over and over again.

Once you are stuck in this “I do not know what to say” state, it is impossible to create attraction.

From now on, remember, talk about anything related to emotion and emotion only. If she asks you how you feel about something, say in a matter of fact way, “I feel _.”

Now, let me give you a quick exercise that will fix this problem for you.

Let’s say you meet a lovely girl, and reluctantly she offers you some conversation.

You are left to think about how to break the “date” into a two-minute conversation and NOT end up in the dreaded “let’s just be friends” situation.

Now, this is what’s happening to you, the art of conversation downfall.

Let me ask you this.

If you know the proper procedures, how should you make this “date” as uninteresting as possible?

Do you think she is an expert on getting me to say “yes” to anything she wants?

Do I sound like she controls the conversation by reading my mind and only saying things that turn me on?

Of course not, and if she is doing this to you, you can only respond in kind.

  • “Do I know you from somewhere?”
  • “No, are you new to town?”
  • “No, is there a local agency you are trying to work with?”
  • “Do you live close to __?”
  • “I love watching __ wildly at night.”

These are just some examples of how you can use the conversation to your benefit and avoid the dreaded “let’s just be friends” zone.

With the proper conversational techniques, use the conversation to become a more experienced conversationalist than ever, and even get her attracted to you.

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