The 9 Best Features of Dating a Doctor

1. You’re nauseated with the flu? Cramps, you say? Sure, he has you.

He’s seen it all by the time he’s completed med school, residency, and whatever else one must accomplish to learn how to save lives. He wants to look after you and your issues. It’s in his blood.

2. He will be relieved when you inform him that your GERD is flaring up.

Not exactly, but he must listen to people complaining about their issues all day long for his job, so he’s a good listener.

3. Why use WebMD when you’ve got Dr IRL?

“Hey, sweetheart. My finger is aching, can you look at it? I swear I have this odd pain on my head right now-—but it’s gone.”

4. You’ll never have to worry about choking on a grape again.

He can Heimlich! I’m sure you sprained your ankle while walking drunkenly in heels? He can make a cast out of whatever he finds. Dating a doctor is like living in a world filled with good rainbows and kind smiles.

5. Insecurities are a thing of the past (gas insecurities).

Although this may seem a little odd since medical professionals are known for being meticulous, it’s true that the hallmarks of long-term relationships (e.g., passing gas in front of each other, belching) happen at an accelerated rate when you’re with one.

6. Impromptu date nights! Supercharged emotional sex!

Realistically, doctors have days when they are not happy (like genuinely terrible days) far more frequently than we would like to believe. On those days, they need something to divert their attention away from what they’ve been through.

7. He’s seen it all, and he has a healthy perspective on life.

He understands what’s essential (life) and what’s not (all the other things).

8. You’ve learned not to panic in case of an emergency.

You’ve got someone on your side who doesn’t hesitate in critical moments that would strain other people’s relationships. You’ve also figured out how to reconsider what an emergency is since you now understand it isn’t a 40-minute brunch wait.

9. Yes, you may squeeze in two films, a new seafood place, apple-picking, and happy hour into a single day!

Y’all have two entirely free evenings together in the next four weeks, between his shifts and your hectic schedule. Let the very proactive, very energetic date night planning begin!