How to Flirt Quickly and Get a Girlfriend in 5 Steps

Traditional approaches to flirting can take far too long. Learn how to be a fast flirt and attract a girlfriend in five simple steps using modern methods.

1. Determine the sort of connection you want.

Before you get too involved with someone, you must first decide what kind of relationship you want. You don’t want to use your fast flirt expertise on a lady unless you know where you want the interaction to go. Perhaps you’re looking for a long-term commitment. You engage a woman in some quick flirting and pique her attention.

Until she informs you that she doesn’t want anything serious, everything appears to be wonderful. Ouch! You may adjust your fast flirt techniques to attract a woman who wants the same things as you if you know what you want out of a relationship ahead of time.

2. Learn what type of woman you want to meet.

There are millions of women on this planet. You can’t expect to meet someone and win her heart if you don’t know what type of woman you’re looking for. There are many speed flirt experts who may tell you that when the right person comes along, you’ll just know. Hogwash! Before anything else, you must have a concept of the lady with whom you want to interact!

3. Make your approach to the ladies you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for love, then what kind of relationship and woman do you want? More often than not, guys will meet a lady he’s interested in and begin flirting immediately. He’ll realize he doesn’t want to date her after all.

Instead of pursuing any woman who will pay you attention, we advise you to date women you genuinely like. Dating will be much more pleasurable this way.

4. Get the girl’s phone number.

The most essential fast flirt rule is to obtain a woman’s phone number after you approach her. This does not imply that you should ask for her number right away after making an introduction, but rather before you part ways with her.

Always ask for a girl’s phone number before meeting up for the first time if you meet her online. You may get a lot of information about a discussion and whether or not there is an attraction between you two ahead of time.

5. Ask the lady out on a date.

You asked for her phone number and the conversation was going well. Excellent! You can either ask her out right then or wait a day or two to do so. In any case, you should always ask her out! According to the fast flirt technique, you should ask her out right away, but if you’re a little hesitant, you may wait a day or two.

If you decide to do that, phone her up and inform her that you’ve been thinking about her and would love to have a cup of coffee with her. It’s a quick date, so if everything goes well, you may ask for a second one. If not, you can end things without becoming overly unpleasant for each other’s time.